“Molly is kind, compassionate, and genuinely wants to help small business owners like me succeed. Her commitment to putting people first is why I strongly endorse her for LA City Council.”

Melissa Masse
Small Business Owner

“Molly’s passion towards fighting for animal welfare in our city is why I am endorsing her campaign for LA City Council. She uses her voice to speak up for animals and fight for justice for all species.”

Dr. Jeff Werber 

Molly will bring sustainable solutions to our city so that future generations can thrive. She is a dedicated leader who will bring progressive change, tackle the climate crisis, and mitigate the consequences we are facing in the city of LA. I proudly endorse Molly for LA City Council.

Harvey Wasserman
American Journalist

I have stood with Molly side-by-side fighting to protect Ballona Wetlands, and know that her dedication to our community is deep-rooted. She believes in fighting for the dignity of all of LA’s communities, including the animals and wildlife that are crucial to preserving our planet’s future.

Christina Ku
Attorney, Vegan Animal Rights Activist

Molly is one of the most committed people I know who is in service to the Earth and all of her inhabitants. She fiercely believes in protecting our planet and the wildlife with whom we share this space, and she deeply wants to contribute to our collective well-being. Molly doesn’t see obstacles, only opportunities.

Marcia Hanscom
Community Organizer, Nature Writer, Advocate for Wildlife, Wetlands

Molly is committed to creating a more sustainable future proven by her years of activism fighting against the climate crisis. I know that she will work tirelessly to make L.A. more climate forward and find sustainable solutions. I proudly endorse Molly in her campaign for L.A. City Council, District 5.

Bonnie Nixon
Professor at Harvard and UCLA, Climate Expert

Molly understands that real change starts in our communities. She has demonstrated the tenacity and will to create bold change as a board member on the West LA Democratic Club, and I believe her ability to create lasting impact will translate to our local government. I strongly endorse Molly for LA City Council District 5.

Connye Thomas
West LA Dem Club Board Member and Delegate