Affordable Housing

We simply cannot allow any more Angelenos to live on our streets. This is a humanitarian crisis. We must work together to provide affordable housing and ensure everyone in Los Angeles has a place to call home. We must come together and end homelessness and ensure fair housing for all. Our campaign is 100% grassroots, people-powered. By imposing a developer moratorium, we will ensure that all forthcoming project plans are sustainable and regenerative. We cannot allow private interests to make decisions on our behalf. Transforming our crumbling infrastructure into green and regenerative will create more jobs and protect our communities against the climate crisis.

Climate Crisis

People, planet, animals. We are all interconnected and therefore must take collective action NOW. Our survival depends on our collective action to implement long-term solutions. Everything we build must be concurrent with our climate crisis. We must take collective action to protect our planet for ourselves, our children, and generations to come. We must educate and inspire our communities on the climate emergency so we all can take action and move forward together. Sustainable living starts in our neighborhoods.

Animal Welfare

We are the ONLY campaign with an animal welfare platform. Together, we can transform Los Angeles into a NO KILL city. This is our planet and theirs too. Education and advocacy on animal welfare will ensure animals are protected under the law whilst saving lives and elevating our community. This platform also includes the wildlife that we share our city with: protecting our natural habitats, supporting and advocating for wildlife corridors, not allowing development in our sacred spaces that shall remain a habitat for our animals that we share this planet with.

Protect Small Businesses

The reopening of California calls for protection of small businesses to be able to prosper and thrive post-pandemic. We need to defend COVID-19 relief for ALL. Creating a Small Business Coalition will provide the support and space for small business owners to synergize and collaborate as residents of District 5.